Bhutan - The Land of Happiness

GoBhutan is a tour company specialising in curating your trips to Bhutan. Our dedicated team of Travel Consultants are ready to assist you in planning your trip to the Land of the Thunder Dragon and our experienced guides are ready to show you the charm of Bhutan. We are committed to providing you excellent service and ensure that you have the best experience in the enigmatic Kingdom.

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Bhutan Travelog - Bhutan Travel Guide Book

The most pictorial travel guide book to Bhutan. With over 250 stunning images of the most exclusive Kingdom in the world.
Written by two individuals who have a deep affinity for the Kingdom and have travelled to Bhutan for over thirty times collectively.
  • 9 exclusive first-hand experiences shared by diverse travellers
  • Bhutanese cuisine, culture and identity
  • Important travel tips
  • Top attractions in Bhutan
  • Most popular trekking routes
  • and many more
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Kingdom of Bhutan

One of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Come visit the world’s most isolated Kingdom - an enchanting tiny Himalayan Nation that is famed for its Gross National Happiness philosophy. A paradise on earth awaits your exploration.

Let us know what are your interests and we will craft out the best itinerary for you!

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A year round destination, every season is a good time to go Bhutan.

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We understand that visiting Bhutan is a once in a lifetime experience. We have featured some of the popular itineraries from the travellers. However, your itinerary is always customisable based on your preference and interests. So, do not be shy and speak to our friendly Travel Consultants to let them know your needs.

Whether you enjoy trekking, mountain biking, arts and crafts, photography or simply want to learn more about Bhutanese cultures, we’ve got you covered!


5-Day Cultural Tour


7-Day Amankora Experience


11-Day Jomolhari Trek